Melaka – The Historical City, Malaysia

Melaka (Malacca) is known for its historical prominence and its cultural appeal. It is located on the south-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 147 km or a 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. In the 16th century, Melaka enjoyed a reputation as the foremost maritime trading centre in the region. So coveted was Melaka by the European powers that it was ruled successively by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British until the Federation of Malaya was formed on 31st August 1957.

Of particular interest is the Heritage Trail within the city center where the major historical sited can be found. It is best to take a walking tour to the various spots. It is also the place where those who are hunting for treasures of the past will be rewarded if they look deep into its quaint shops for curios and antiques.

Melaka's population is a polyglot of races comprising Malays, Chinese, Indians, and descendants of the Portuguese and the Baba-Nyonya community who have adopted much of the Malay culture into theirs. The rich multi-cultural heritage of Melaka’s people is reflected in their unique customs and traditions, food, festivals, dances, buildings and lifestyle. Melaka cuisine is well-known for its lively flavours and aromas. The city’s many restaurants, cafes, food courts, pubs and fast food restaurants offer a range of culinary options.

Getting There
The best method of getting to Malacca in order to enjoy the scenic view is by road. With the many highways and expressways going through Malacca, driving and / or travelling via road is fast, efficient, economical and easy.

For those arriving by air at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, you can get to Melaka by taxi or air-conditioned coaches. Melaka is a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, 2 hours from Johor bahru and 5 hours from Penang. Melaka is a popular stop-over destination for cruise ships. Ferries also ply between Melaka and Dumai in Sumatra. The Batu Berendam airfield also receives flights from Indonesia.

Useful Contacts
Tourist Police – Telp: 606-285 4114
Immigration Office – Telp: 606-282 4958
Melaka Tourist Information Centre – Telp: 606-281 4803

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