Karachi - The Sights and Attractions

Old City markets - bazaars a la 1001 Nights.
Sarafa Bazaar is a typical oriental gold and silver market in the city’s old quarters.

Saddar Bazaar

Saddar Bazaar - main shopping area which developed as the cantonment bazaar between the old city and the Mall. It has a wide collection of handicrafts made from onyx wood and brass.
Zainab Market - is offering a wide variety of local goods where cotton dresses and handicrafts are available.
Bohri Bazaar is also a typical oriental market, where endless variety of goods is available (carpets and bric-a-brac).
Empress Market (aka Shahid/Martyrs's Market) - where rebels were executed in 1857.
St Patrick's and Holy Trinity Cathedrals and St Andrew's Church - remnants of the Raj.

Masjid-i-Tuba - mosque at Defence Housing Society, with white flying-saucer dome.
Mausoleum of the Quaid-e-Azam - Muhammad Ali Jinnah's final resting place.
State Bank Building.
Habib Bank Plaza.
The Harbor - fish market

Traditional craft:
Gaudily painted bheddi and hora.
Clifton - former resort with palatial vilas.
Ziarat of Qazi Abdullah Shah - Muslim shrine.
Manghopir - shrine guarded by snub-nosed crocodiles.
Manora Head (Sandspit) - breeding ground of giant turtles (Jul-Nov).


The beaches between Sandspit and Paradise Point:
sandspit Beach (crowded)
Hawkes Bay (from rundown to 1930s dressed-up).
French Beach (exclusive).
Baleji Beach and Gadani Beach.
Chaukundi Tombs (27 km/17 miles) - graveyars of antiquity.
Bhanbore (64 km/40 miles) and Gujo (87 km/54 miles) - archaelogical sites.
Haleji Lake - migratory birds and crocodiles.
Thatta - Jamia Masjid (mosque built by Shah Jehan) and the Dabgir Masjid (16thC).
Makti Hills - necropolis.
Mohenjo-daro (2,000 BC) - cradle of Indus Valley civil - ization.

Concerts and operas at the British Council and U.S. Center.

Cricket and hockey at the national Stadium.
Sailing at the karachi Yacht Club.
Horse racing at the Race Course.

Annual Events:
Pakistan Day (23 Mar), Labor Day (1 May), Bank Holiday (1 Jul), Independence Day (14 Aug), Defence of Pakistan Day (6 Sep) - Indo-Pakistan War.
Deatch of Quaid-e-Azam (11 Sep).
Iqbal Day (9 Nov) - Brith of Allama Iqbal.
Birth of Quaid-e-Azam (25 Dec)

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