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The city's temples:

Wat Phra Singh (1345) - Lanna-style masterpiece. Wat Phra Singh is easy to visit as it is right in the center of Chiang Mai city, located on the corner of Singharat and Ratchadamnoen Rd road. Wat Phra Singh was built inside the old city walls at a time when Chiang Mai was the capital of the northern Thai Lanna or Lan Na kingdom. The wat was originally built in 1345. It may have simply been a stupa erected by a king (and descendant of the great Mangrai) to honour his father. The stupa still stands, but most of the buildings you see on the site today are of much more recent vintage. There are three main buildings, namely the Stupa, Viharn Lai Kam, and Haw Trai.

Wat Chiang Man - built by the city's founder, King Mengrai. Located within the walls of the old city, near the Chang Puak gate, Chiang Man is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. It was supposedly built by the founder of the city 700 years ago, King Mengrai, on the spot where he stayed while planning his new capital. It's a small temple, and not on the main tourist trail, but it was important for quite some time.
Getting There: Wat Chiang Man is on Ratchaphakhinai Road near where it intersects Sri Phum Road, which runs just inside the moat along the north wall of the old city. The closest "landmark" to Wat Chiang Man is the Thai Airways office on Phrapokklao Road. Walk down the small street next to the office and turn left at the next main street. The temple will be on your left.

Wat Chedi Luang (1401) - Wat Chedi Luang must have been the most impressive temple in Chiang Mai. Built about 600 years ago, the huge chedi which gave the temple its name (the name of the temple translates to "royal pagoda") must have soared high above the surrounding city.
Getting There: Wat Chedi Luang is on Prapokklao Road which runs roughly through the north-south center line of the old city, from Changpuak Gate to Chaing Mai Gate. The temple is just a short walk south of the intersection with the main east-west Ratchadamnoen Road.

Wat Suan Dok - burial-place of local nobles. The 14th century temple of Wat Suan Dok is located just west of the old city walls on Suthep Road, just off the airport road. The temple was built by King Keu Na of Lanna for a revered priest visiting from Sukhothai as a place for the monk to spend the rains retreat. The name of the temple roughly translates to "field of flowers." There are dozens and dozens of small white chedi, about three metres (10 feet) to six metres (20 feet) high. These house the ashes of many of the Chiang Mai Royal Family but the largest one, just to the south, a Buddhist relic chedi.
Getting There: Wat Suan Dok is located on Suthep road, next to the Hill Tribe Products Promotion Center

Chang Klan & Loi Kroa Night Market - is one of the highlights of any trip to Chiang Mai, and is a paradise for bargain hunters, shoppers, and anyone looking for a deal on Thai handicrafts, spices, cheap T-shirts, and dozens of other items. Many shops and stalls remain open throughout the day and evening, especially along Chang Klan Road. The Anusarn section closes at 10pm, so if you want a chance to browse through some of the best deals, come early.

Galae House Museum - Lanna domestic trivia;
Wua Lao - silversmiths' workshops;
Borsang - local handicrafts;


Wat Doi Suthep (12km/7.5 miles) - for the famous naga staircase and view
Chiang Dao - working elephants by the Ping River
Mae Sa Valley - more elephants, orchids, butterflies, views
Lumphun (26km/16 miles) - ancient capital
Hilltribe villages
Chiang Rai
Golden Triangle
Mae Hong Son


Golf at the Lanna Golf Course

Annual events

Borsang Umbrella Fair (Jan)
Luang Wiang Lakhon (Feb) - Procession of Buddha images through the streets of Lampang
Flower Festival (Feb) - Procession of floats
Maha Puja (Feb/Mar) - Buddhist ceremony at temples throughout the country
Songkran (Apr) - a wet start to the Thai New Year
Visakha Puja (May) - merit-making at Doi Suthep monastery
Lychee Fair (May) - in Chiang Rai
Longan Fair (Aug) - at Lamphun
Chinese Moon Festival (Sep) - with moon cakes
Loi Krathong (Nov)
Sun flower Fair (Nov) - at Mae Hong Son

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