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Old Buildings
They are in the Sino-Portuguese style mixed with modern constructions form the unique identity of the town of Phuket. These hundred-year-old buildings can be found along Thalang, Deebuk, Phang-nga, Yaowarat and Krabi roads.

Khao Rang, Phuket View Point
(Kho Sim Bi Road)
A low hill near the town centre, this is an excellent place to view the beautiful scene of the town and the surrounding sea, especially on a full-moon night. There are also several restaurants featuring spectacular views of the city, a health park for exercise enthusiasts near the hilltop which is frequently visited by townspeople, some souvenir shops, and a comfortable, expanse of grass s at the top with a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit, the model Governor of Phuket between 1890 and 1909, during King Rama V's reign.

Saphan Hin Mining Monument (Phuket Road)
Saphan Hin is a public park near the sea at the end of Phuket Road. In the circle is the Tin Mining Monument, shaped like a large drill bit, dedicated to the memory of Captain Edward Thomas Miles, the Australian who brought the first in dredge to Phuket in 1909. It was built in 1978 to commemorate the first metal ore-dredger used in Thailand. With the large ground in this area and shady pine trees, it is frequented by townspeople in the evening.

Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insectarium
(Route 402)
Here there are plenty of butterflies of different species, and rare insects and reptiles. Examine their life cycle in action. Come and walk among thousands of butterflies, examine their life cycle in action, watch when they feed, playing with the wind, flying from one flower to another, mating, and laying eggs. This is a place of endless educational possibility. It not only has a wide range of magnificent butterflies and a colourful tropical garden, but also the house of insects from the depths of the rainforest.
Open daily, 09.00 - 17.30 hours

Phuket Zoo
(Route 4021)
Visit Phuket Zoo during your stay here and enjoy a wonderfully different type of zoo. Lush tropical gardens invite you to stroll around in the shade of giant trees across bridges onto islands containing all kinds of strange animals.
Open daily, 08.30 - 18.00 hours

Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village

(Route 402)
Its provides an exciting, comprehensive sample of the life and culture of the people of the southern part of Thailand with their special attractions and unique life-style.
In the tranquil, lake side setting of an old tin mine, you will find elephants at work, four restaurant pavilions, a playground for children, handicraft shops and workshops, demonstrations of tin mining and rubber manufacture-plus an unbeatable cultural show and an exhibition of exotic varieties of orchids.

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