To enjoy a panoramic view of Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches, there is a vantage point on the beach route between Nai Han and Kata Noi beaches.

Rawai Beach
Located to the south of the island, Rawai is the first beach that brought fame to Phuket Island. The coconut-fringed route from the Chalong Intersection to Rawai is one of the most beautiful roads in Phuket. It is a good beach area where sea-people reside and where several restaurants provide different styles of delicious foods, especially seafood, shell handicraft shops, and both fishing and charter boats.

Naihan Beach
Naihan is a place for those who love peace and quiet. Its most picturesque landscape can be seen on the way from the north of Phromthep Cape down to the beach. It has a large freshwater behind it that flows into the sea at the southern end and some good snorkeling at the northern end. It's not a place to hire a jet ski or expect a lot of action. Just yachts bobbing in the bay, vendors selling ice cream and drinks and a fine sandy beach. Great for swimming from November to April, but it is not advisable to go for a swim here during the monsoon season (from May to October).

Kata Beach
Kata Beach is many people's favourite beach in Phuket. Stunningly beautiful with surfing from May to October, from November to April surfing is replaced by snorkeling and sunbathing and other watersports. The beach is palm lined and fairly busy but never too crowded to be annoying.

In the high season, yachts moor just offshore, adding to the ambience and the sunsets here are some of the best in Thailand. Restaurant lined or tree lined, there's a perfect spot for everyone at Kata.

Karon Beach
Karon is one of Phuket's longer beaches, very popular due to its fine white sand. Being so long the sunbeds are well spaced out so it never feels crowded. Just across a low hill to the north of Kata, the long white beach of Karon stretches magnificently with pines and palms standing tall over the rolling sand-dunes providing a unique scene. It is flourishing side by side with Kata Beach, but is more placid.
The sea water here is clean and the sand is powdery. It is one of the best places for swimming, diving and sunbathing. You can come from Kata to Karon easily by road or by a path along the coast.

Patong Beach
Patong is the foremost beach resort of Phuket which can compete with any other famous beaches of the world. With its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place to party and play. But many people do not know that, as late as a few decades ago, Patong was the remotest district of Phuket, cut off from the main part of the island by mountains. During the day Patong's curved sandy bay is a hive of activity with parasail and jet-ski operators, boat drivers, beach vendors and masseuses all vying for the attention of the many visitors relaxing on the beach chairs.

Kamala Beach
Kamala is about 10 minutes drive north from Patong and a great place for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle. It is just 6 km. north of Patong. Probably because most of the villagers here are Muslim, Kamala Beach is the only major beach in Phuket that does not have extensive hotel development and thus is still much peaceful. However, the beach has a highlight at "Phuket FantaSea", the cultural theme park offering a dinner buffet with an extravagant show.

Surin Beach
This beach, bordered by a hillside with a nine-hole golf course, is a good place to see the golden sunset of Phuket. The sea here is warm and clear during calm weather. Some small reefs at each end offer snorkelling. The beach slopes quite steeply downward, which helps keep the water clear of sand. The flip side of this is that during the monsoon season, the waves here are quite large, and strong undertows develop. It's popular with surfers at this time, but not really suitable for weaker swimmers. Unlike the other busy beaches of Phuket, there's a refreshing absence of jet-skis and speed boats here since Surin lacks a launch area.

Bang Tao Beach
Located south of Naithon Beach, this 8 km. sandy beach with an 18-hole golf course is suitable for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. The beach is lined with several upmarket resorts, most of which are part of an integrated resort system. Often you see people riding horses up and down the beach as the afternoon gets cooler.
Mainly only used by guests of the hotels here you'll find yourself relaxing in a secluded paradise, with a perfect sunset every evening.

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