Krabi Islands Hopping and Cruising

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If you’re planning a day out at sea, the traditional wooden longtail boats found on all mainland beaches are your best option for independent island hopping. There are also frequent 'taxi boats' running from Ao Nang to Ton Sai and Railay Beach. These wait until they have enough passengers (in theory 5, but in high season they usually hold out for 10 or more) to depart. Buy coupons for the boats at the booth on the corner of the beach road opposite Phra Nang Inn.

Prices for trips are fixed by the boatmen's club (i.e. are not able to be bargained down) and displayed on a board outside the ticket office. The prices are the same all year round and children under 12 travel free.

Boats can also be found at Nopparat Thara; Chao Fah pier in Krabi Town; Klong Muang; and Railay. Prices may vary slightly from those in Ao Nang, depending on how much closer or further away from the destination you are. In these destinations you pay the driver directly (no tickets).

The Four Islands: Ko Poda, Ko Gai, Ko Tub and Phra Nang Bay

The 'Four Islands' - a popular trip from Ao Nang, this day tour takes in Ko Poda, Ko Gai (Chicken Island) and Ko Tub, with its sweeping sandbar, plus the beautiful Phra Nang Bay on Railay peninsula. This beach, inaccessible by road, is considered to be one of the most beautiful strips of sand in the world.

There's also stops at excellent snorkeling sites near Ko Yawasam and Ko See, rocky outcrops with abundant coral reefs and marine life.

The Hong Islands - Part of the marine National Park, these superb islands can be reached within twenty minutes from Ao Nang by speedboat, or 45 mins by longtail. Set against the spectacular backdrop of Phang Nga Bay, with its countless rocky outcrops, the islands in the Ko Hong group are rightly considered to be among the most beautiful in Krabi province.

The main island is home to a hidden lagoon and is uninhabited, except for the birds, monkeys and giant monitor lizards that are often spotted on the beach. Ko Lahding is another beautiful island where swallows' nests are collected and Ko Pakbia has an impressive sandbar revealed at low tide. Koh Hong (Hong Island) means room, and entering this hollowed out island by boat is much like floating through a giant reception hall with two doors.

The Phi Phi Islands - A Krabi 'must-see'. Equally captivating above and below water, these six islands richly deserve their reputation as 'the jewels of the Andaman Sea'. A day tour from the mainland will take you to world-famous beaches such as Maya Bay, where the movie 'The Beach' was set, the pristine white sand and truquoise water of Bamboo Island, as well as snorkelling in colourful coral gardens around Hin Klang and Monkey Bay.
Add crystal clear water, a refreshing lack of roads, plus a laid-back lifestyle, and it's easy to see why Phi Phi is one of southern Thailand's most popular destinations.

Cruising your way around the islands of the Andaman Sea

Several companies, based locally and in Phuket, offer short cruises around the uninhabited islands of the Andaman Sea. There are varying levels of luxury on board and various types of craft from small yachts to replica Chinese junks. Large cruise vessels are actually banned from approaching Krabi's coastline and are anyway not a practical way of visiting the islands as you will end up only watching the beautiful beaches pass by, while you must stay on deck.

The main benefit of cruising with a smaller boat is that they can arrive at the islands before the day crowds and stay after they leave for an unforgettable sunset dinner. Some dive schools in Krabi also offer so-called 'liveaboard' packages, a sort of 'dive cruise' with the similar advantage of avoiding the crowds by being the first boat at the dive sites in the morning.

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