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Main Highlights and Activities

Phra That Doi Tung - A temple containing the left collar bone of the Buddha on top of the Doi Tung (highest in Chiang Rai), is a most important place of worship for Buddhists in the North. About 7 km from the temple is a beautiful royal residence built for the late Princess Mother in celebration of her 90th birthday in 1990.

Chiang Saen Museum - It is famous for its invaluable Buddha images and antiques of the Chiang Saen Kingdom (11th-12th C.). It opens every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Golden Triangle - This is the world-famous place where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. The Ruak River from Burma joins the Mokong here.

Hill tribes - Several Hill-tribes live in the mountainous areas around Chiang Rai, Mae Chan, Mae Sai and along the Kok River, each group having its own language, costume, customs, and religious beliefs.

Doi Mae Salong - A Chinese Communists founded by the Nationalist Chinese Army when they fled from Yunnan in 1949. The village soon became well known for its enchanting scenery and tranquil atmosphere. With 17 leaps, Pu Kaeng is the largest waterfall with a powerful current all the year round in Doi Luang National Park.

Mae Sai - This is the northernmost town of Thailand, is the place that tourists come to buy jade and other precious stones produced in Burma

Rafting Down the Mae Kok - The 130-km long Mae Kok River is reputed as among the most scenic and unspoiled rivers still existing in Thailand today. You may choose to go rafting from Thaton to Chiang Rai - a two or three day trip on the Kok River. Or Cruise the Mekong River from Chiang Khong.

Elephant Safari - An elephant ride can take you to one of many cascading waterfalls, or past terraced rice paddies. Doi Tung and Doi Mae Salong offer many scenic treats including a floral sculpture garden at the Princess Mother's Palace, enchanting country views, exotic hill tribe costumes and culture, and beautiful Buddhist temples.

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